I don’t know about you but I spend more time in my office than I do any other room in my home. That’s not because I’m a workaholic. It really is because I love my creative workspace. It brings me a lot of JOY! So naturally, I like to spend time there.

While my workspace is relatively new (we just built our house 2.5 years ago), I already knew I needed to make a few more changes to make the space more functional and more personalized.

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for products I personally purchased, use and recommend. They have helped decorate my office in a way that inspires me and boosts my creativity which is a win-win for my creative business.)

White Walls

We started with painting the walls Behr Whisper White in satin enamel so it would reflect more light into the room. I say “we” but my husband is the one who did all the painting. I just came up with the idea and picked the color, as he frequently likes to remind me. The previous color was the paint we used throughout our new home, a taupe gray, but NOT a good color for a creative space.

My sewing room faces north which means it needs all the light it can get so I can see to work! No matter what direction your room faces, more light for performing detail work means less frustration.

Creative Chics Sewing Room Before Photo

Sources: Behr Whisper White Paint from Home Depot

Satin enamel paint has just enough of a reflective trait that it makes the room brighter without it being overly glossy. I can also take pictures without a yellow or blue tint — the color tones stay pretty accurate to real life. 

Some might be surprised I chose white when I am such a lover of vibrant colors. Trust me, it was a conscious choice. By having white walls (or a blank canvas), it lets everything else in the room stand out as a colorful pop of happiness.

Showcase Your Supplies

Most of you may know I make and sell kitchen aprons at Creative Chics. I also sell my excess fabric at Fabric Closeouts. It means I have a room FULL of beautiful, vibrantly colored fabrics that are ideal to showcase just like artwork.

Creative Chics Sewing Room Makeover

Sources: Picture Frames, Book Shelves

I don’t keep the fabric stashed away in a closet. Instead, they are front and center on bookshelves placed on one of the walls in the room. If you sew and love fabric as much as I do, you understand why I think having the fabrics be part of my decor is something that makes me happy. I have enough fabric in stock that it actually takes up 2 walls in my sewing room!

Most creatives who have a dedicated workspace make something. Right?! Why not use your supplies as actual artwork for your room. For example, if you sew or knit, show off your fabric or yarns on opening shelving. Put your buttons, beads, or jewelry pieces in clear jars on a shelf. Painters could have a shelf full of their paints and brushes.

I took four photos of my best selling aprons and had them printed as large 16×24” prints and framed them in inexpensive poster frames.  I used a white background so the aprons really stood out against the wall of fabrics. They are a great reminder of how far my little apron business has come since I started in 2009.

Sewing Jumbo Bias Tape

Sources: Jumbo Rick Rack & Fabric

Add Greenery

This past year I’ve tried my hand at indoor houseplants. To be quite honest, this is a bit of a challenge for me. I am MUCH better at outdoor plants than the indoor variety. With the help of my Mom and daughter, we picked four plants that were low maintenance (meaning I might have a prayer at keeping them alive!) and planted them in colorful pots.

Since I have a North facing room, I knew they would struggle to get enough light, which is why I chose hooks and macrame hangers to place them right in front of my window. They get light they need and I get something pretty to look at while sewing. One year in, they are alive and actually thriving. That’s a win in my book!

Adding Green Plants to a Craft Room

Sources: Macrame Hangers, Flower Hooks, Flower Pots, Watering Can

I love that it was a family project with women I admire very much, so the plants not only bring some green into the room, but they also add a touch of sentimental value. I can only imagine they also help the air quality as well since the sewing room is always full of fabric dust.

My Mom’s sewing room is filled with African violets, her all-time favorite flower. They always seem to be in full bloom which brings a cheerful punch of color to her workspace. Whatever you pick to personalize your space, try to add something that has special meaning and a punch of color. It just lifts the spirits so much!

African Violets

Source: The Violet Barn offers a unique variety of African violets, shipped directly to your home.

Display Finished Projects

Since I make aprons, I always have a mannequin in my sewing room decked out in one of my latest creations. If you are a creative person, then you know there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing your finished product looking all pretty and styled.

Creative Chics Apron in Studio

Sources: Apron, Illustration Wall Art, Small Shelves, Farmhouse Lettering Art Decor

I have been known on occasion to walk into my sewing room, talking to myself, and say, “oh how pretty you are” when I see the apron on the mannequin. Silly, yes! Satisfying, BIG yes!

For example, if you are a jewelry maker, create a framed pegboard with hooks to hang some of your finished pieces. You crochet or knit hats? Buy some inexpensive styrofoam display heads and install a white shelf displaying a variety of your colorful hats. Graphic designer? Create a collage of your artwork and have it printed on canvas to hang on your walls. Photographer? Print and frame some of your favorite pictures.

Creative Chics Sewing Room Decor

The point is if you create something you are passionate about and love, show it off! At a minimum take pictures of your finished project and have it printed and framed for viewing! Not only is it inspiring to look at, but it also gives you a great sense of accomplishment. As an added bonus, taking pictures of your display makes for great marketing and social media material.

Remember, your creative workspace is a place where you should feel energized, inspired — and ultimately creative! After all, that is why you have your creative space in the first place! To recap:

  1. White walls reflect light for a better work environment and create a blank canvas for other items in your workspace.
  2. Showcase your art and craft supplies for visual interest and color.
  3. Add live plants to breathe life and a touch of green into your workspace.
  4. Display your finished projects as a focal point for creative inspiration.

By adding some of these personal touches to your room, not only will it bring you more joy but I guarantee you will feel even more inspired when you start working on your next project!

Do you have other ideas for personalizing your creative workspace? Send them to me at deborah.leigh@creativechics.com. I’d love to hear about them!

Live creatively and passionately friends!

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