Our Process

It all starts with the inspiration for the apron which usually mimics vintage style dresses we have found. We start by cutting pieces of muslin fabric and carefully draping it around the mannequin, pinning and marking as we go. Some may not know it, but all of our apron patterns have been designed by our own team in the studio.

Once we have a basic pattern mapped out, it's time to sew up a few samples, fitting them on the mannequin and a live human being to ensure the fit is just right. Several iterations later we have a working prototype.

Next we take a bolt of muslin and cut the same pattern out for each of the Creative Chics, label each piece and placing it into a labeled bag that has a photograph of the apron style inside to keep our variety of patterns straight.

Choosing fabric is the fun part! We all have a bit of a fabric addiction. Combining fabrics for each style, we get to work cutting out new aprons to be sewn, typically cutting half a dozen at a time and bagging the extras to be made at a later date.

After a new apron is made, we need photos of it to show on social media and to display in our store. It is not uncommon to have 20-40 new aprons at each photo shoot. Once photos are edited, the product descriptions written, the aprons appear in the store ready for you to browse and purchase.

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