The Handmade Moneymaker




So you’ve started an online business selling your handmade goods.

You are making sales, but your monthly finances show very little profit from all of your hard work.

You make great quality products but just aren’t getting traffic in your store and buying customers.

Does this sound like you?

There is so much that goes in to creating and selling handmade products beyond you making a wonderful handmade good. Believe me friend, I’ve learned that first hand, many times the hard way!   

I’m here to tell you that you CAN make a profit selling your handmade goods! 

I’ve profitably sold handmade goods for 10 years now and have helped many other artisans set up and optimize their stores and business so they too could be profitable doing something they love!

You can see my Etsy store for sales numbers and customer feedback. I’m an open book and will share everything I’ve learned since launching my own business! I’m that confident I can help you too!

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The Handmade Moneymaker membership is my way to give back to other artisans and teach creatives best practices in running their handmade business to reduce costs and increase their sales and profits.

The Handmade Moneymaker membership is a community based membership with like minded creative entrepreneurs and monthly action items you can immediately implement to see positive results on your profits.

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