It’s that time of year and I’m so thrilled. Fresh bouquets from the garden make the best home accents. Our previous home had two huge snowball viburnum bushes. They bloomed so profusely.

Long Lasting Fresh Cut Flower Bouquets

We also had several lilac bushes and the combination of the two made for beautiful and fragrant bouquets to bring in the house.

Snowball Viburnum

A few tips when cutting fresh flowers:

  1. Take a bucket of water with you to the bush you are cutting.
  2. Cut the branches at a 45-degree angle with sharp pruning shears.
  3. Turn clipping upside down and gently shake to remove any insects.
  4. Immediately place cut branches into the bucket of water.
  5. Take indoors and assemble your arrangements.
  6. Use lukewarm tap water (not cold, not hot) to fill your vases half full.

Viburnum and Lilac Bouquets

This was the year that I made surprise bouquets for each of my neighbors. Such a small gesture that brought much joy. And they knew if they returned the vase, they would get another bouquet when the next batch of flowering shrubs or perennials were ready to be cut.

We moved 3 years ago and I don’t have all those beautiful blooming shrubs to make cut bouquets any more, but I love looking back on the pictures I took bring. They bring me such fond memories.

Snowball Bouquets with Lilacs

What I wouldn’t give to have a few of those snowball viburnums growing in my yard again, but there just isn’t room in our downsized yard.

Beautiful White Snowball Viburnum

Happy Spring my friends!

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