Once reserved only for Christmas Eve, this family seafood bisque recipe is so popular with my kids that it has become a regular staple at the dinner table during the cold winter months. It has been a family favorite for years!

Creative Chics Best Seafood Bisque Ever

Where did I come up with the recipe? We used to have a small Mediterranean restaurant (Cafe Casbah) near our home that served up the most divine seafood bisque ever. It was a family owned business and the owner was actually from the Mediterranean region. I admit that on several occasions, I pleaded with the owner to give me his cherished secret recipe. No deal!

So I went about recreating the recipe myself, looking up several bisque recipes online and mixing them together in several attempts to duplicate that melt in your mouth exquisite taste of bisque my favorite restaurant served. While my many attempts weren’t bad and were never really failures, it wasn’s until I made the recipe below that I felt like I had finally mastered the closest thing to the real deal!

Sadly the owner had a health issue and Cafe Casbah went out of business so I will never know how close I came to the original recipe. Pin to your favorite soup board on Pinterest or right click to save to your computer for printing and storing in your recipe box.

Debbie's Famous Seafood Bisque Recipes

Debbie’s Famous Seafood Bisque

Serve up with some crunchy garlic toast for exquisite soup dipping. Time to get cooking friends!

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